Justin’s Story

I started in the basics, working under chefs, cooks and prep cooks, My job was to keep the cutting boards clean, sharpen knives, pickup after the chefs, organize the walk in freezer, clean the floors, shine the steel and so on.. A never ending list of tasks that required plenty of elbow grease and grit. Along the way I gained the appreciation and trust of these sous chefs and was able to provide additional support on the line; prepping vegetables, cutting the meat and preparing the basic elements of the meal.
Eventually I was making a dish to be served in the meal myself. This upward trend left a positive work ethic and appreciation for the details involved in the art of preparing food. I did not stay in this position forever, and I did not really leave it all together. This appreciation and work ethic had an effect on what I ate as well. In my free time I was able to experiment with and adapt a recipe, continuing to develop my techniques in food preparation. I also was fortunate to travel and taste the many different types of food available in numerous local restaurants, always finding myself most impressed with the flavors of local ingredients and local specialty dishes. I was also fortunate to foster friendships with great cooks who, like me, have had a similar story and similar success in the area of food preparation. Their knowledge and extension of their graciousness have propelled my development even further. This has had the effect of turning good food into delicious meals. Great inspirations from great mentors assist me on this culinary journey, one that just would not taste as good without their support and encouragement.
Currently, I am engaged in catering events in the area with local chefs and culinary school, and actively working as a Personal Chef for one client. Making the decision to become a personal chef was about as easy a transition as getting up off the couch and strolling to the fridge. “Where is that Sandwich?” I asked… I know you have been there too.
Sam’s Own Good Cooking is ready to prepare a homemade meal and store it for your similar and very common situation. Believing that local, sustainable and really good eating does not have to be a special occasion, I create menus that focus on the individual or family, as well as using the most local ingredients. I offer personal chef services, kitchen tool maintenance, cooking classes and other services geared to providing a healthy and exciting alternative to staring into the fridge waiting for a sandwich to appear. Creating homemade meals, simply, seasonally and with local character is to be expected from Sam’s Own. Everyone’s taste is different and I appreciate this as it shows a quality to each person’s specific experience with what they eat.
I strive to prepare a meal that is as close to the traditional method and technique it was intended for. With your unique experience we can adjust to your taste and lifestyle.


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