How much time will you be spending to prepare the menu?
I take the steps necessary to create the menu that is homemade, seasonal and affordable. Very often this means putting ‘everything in its place’ such as prepping ingredients and preparing them accordingly. As a personal chef I am accustomed and skilled at preparing many meals at once. The amount of time can vary with every menu, and I strive to have your menu completed and stored properly in about 4 to 5 hours. Let me know how your schedule works and I can help in determining the amount of time needed.

How does a Personal Chef differ from a Caterer?
Hiring a Personal Chef as a specialist into your home to help meet your nutrition needs requires a customized location in which to prepare the meals. This is your home, apartment or dorm room kitchen. Not only is there a specific law stating where catered food must be prepared, there is a necessary component of preparing a meal. It’s YOU, the person who will be consuming it.
You are important and you will benefit having a personal chef come in to perform not only the cooking but everything that is required during the cooking process. Imagine having a kitchen where the only dishes you will be washing, the only counters to wipe down, the only floors to be swept, the only food decision you make are the ones planned and prepared with your personal chef.
Note: I do have access to an industrial kitchen where additional prep can be performed if your accommodations are unsuitable for meal preparation. An reasonalble fee will be associated with this service.

Can I have more than one entree choice?
How specific or how complex your meals are will determine the amount of entrees per ‘cooking session’. Baseline estimation can be assumed to be an additional hour of preparation per additional entree. Pricing includes shopping, preparation, storage and clean up time associated.

I have specific restrictions in my diet. Can you accommodate these important nutrition needs?
Yes, but wait… I believe that every person will need a specific diet plan to suit their needs. And if consulting with a nutritionist or your doctor is necessary, I will be happy to accommodate this as part of my service with a reasonable fee associated.

Where do you provide services?
I am proudly serving Androscoggin and Sagadahoc counties.

Why do I need to hire a personal chef? Why would I budget this expense?
That decision is entirely your own and make. Take into consideration the many details in preparing these meals and align it with your lifestyle. If you are in the kitchen and loving it and your family loves it, great! And if you’re finding your meals are rushed and not living to standards you feel truly happy with, then let’s see if we can make a difference. A personal chef could change your whole outlook on life.

What about Insurance? References?
Yes and Yes, I carry liability insurance in the event it would be required to cover an unplanned event.
I would love to share my references with you, they will too.


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